Workshops, Artisans, and Pizza

After arriving at the University, applying name tags, and checking in the Rwandan students, we were lead enthusiastically and confidently by Ahn.  She reminded us of our “I am” statements from yesterday and told us that we are also all leaders.  After a particularly energetic round of ‘Follow the Leader’ in small groups, we made 8 circles and began to play ‘Paperball’ (a team of people tries to keep a ball made out of paper in the air as long as possible).  In the end, the highest number of hits  per team was announced and there were cheers of joy from all the teams. IMG_1630

As we near the close of our first week we are making an effort to make sure everyone knows each others names.  To help assist in this, Helen lead a rousing game of ‘Name, Name, Name.’

After that, Chris and Helen demonstrated three part ‘Routines’ with the help of Kat, and we all joined the Rwandan students in groups to create short scenes set during special occasions that included routines. Some of these scenes included weddings, baptisms, New Years, and birthdays.


We split the students up into their four separate groups and led our Theatre of the Oppressed, process drama, poetry, and fabric session one more time.  Each time I perform the Theatre of the Oppressed piece I have been struck by how much more the Rwandans are willing to debate, make offers, and join us in performing.

After a morning of facilitating we rode a bus to the Artisan Market where  local artisans sell their work.  We saw amazing craftsmanship in baskets, jewelry,  paintings, and woodwork. A slow moving stream flowed over concrete steps and those of us who finished shopping before others sat in the shade of an avocado tree.

We walked to a local Italian restaurant for dinner.  The out door seating was in a lovely, multi-layered garden overlooking the skyline of Kigali.  As pizza and pasta were consumed we toasted to the end of this round of workshops.  I’m looking forward to reflecting on them tomorrow with the Rwandans and moving into play building next week.


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