Connections, connections, connections

Dianna, here.  Today was wonderful! Like all of our days so far, it seems like several days rolled into one.


Today was our last day working with the KIE Level 1 students.  After a warm up, we got straight to work in our sessions with all the Levels.  Afterwards we came back together for reflections on the week.  We got to share things that impressed us, made us laugh, and that we learned throughout the week.  It was a sheer joy to be able to share something I’ve been learning with a student, and to hear what they have been getting out of the sessions.

I am deeply impressed by the commitment of the KIE students to the work.  They have come eager and ready everyday, and have given us such focus, respect, and love from the moment we walk through the door.

There was a point in the reflection where we split into small groups for the KIE students to have a chance to discuss what they learned and how they might be able to reapply what they learned.  Volunteers from different groups then shared main ideas that their group had discussed.  A lot of them recognized the student-centered nature of our approach. One of the students spoke about seeing ways to break with the tradition of the teacher as dictator, an idea the we frequently grapple with in the MA in Applied Theatre program. They also talked about the many techniques they have learned for making  and presenting theatre. It is a testament to the students’ perceptiveness, hard work and eagerness that in just four days they made so many connections between the different sessions and strategies we offered them. It was a week of rapid-fire drama teaching, and the KIE students rose to the challenge!

It’s hard to believe that this was our last day with KIE Level 1. The week has been such an intensive experience. It was amazing to be able to bond with each of the students over the work, whether in my own session or playing one of our goofy pre-workshop warm up games. I will miss seeing them next week!  I hope that the connections will be maintained.


This afternoon we took a trip to the Artisan Market.  Many of us set out to practice our bartering skills.  We spent several hours around the shops.  I managed to make it into every shop in the market.  And some of us (yours truly) spent perhaps a bit more than we had budgeted –  but happlily it was on beautiful craftwork!


About diannaroseg

I am graduate student living in New York and loving it... well, almost. Along with many other I wish the city were a less expensive place to live. But despite this living with limited means I strive to take advantage of all that the city has to offer... to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get the most out of New York.
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One Response to Connections, connections, connections

  1. Dean Garten says:

    Dianna, sounds like everything has gone well! Have a fun & safe remainder of your trip!

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