Letting It All Sink In

Good evening, Dorcas here. It’s Sunday evening here in Rwanda. My fellow colleagues and I are rolling in a mix of excitement, jet lag, anticipation and pure wonder. At least for me things have not quite sunk in yet. I am amazed at how comfortable I feel in a place I have never been – it’s almost familiar. As we toured the city with our generous hosts Jean and Leon, I looked over the hills, the many homes of Kigali, and watched the people walk down their newly named streets – I thought “Yes.” Yes to being in the presence of so many smiles and so much warmth. Yes to having a long held dream of coming to Africa come true. Yes to sharing, receiving and connecting experience through applied theatre. And yes to new experiences that await us in the morning when we lead our sessions.

Tomorrow the training wheels are off! My cohort and I will be using the techniques and skills that we have been studying and practicing for the past 1 or 2 years. Tonight, each session group met to finalize our plans for the workshops tomorrow. We worked over candlelight in the courtyard with the excitement and knowledge of meeting the KIE students in the morning. Months of preparation and hard work are finally being brought to fruition in just a few hours. My session co-facilitator, Dianna, put it best when she said, “I feel so grateful to be here.” And it is with complete gratitude that I hope to give and be my best tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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