Muraho! We have arrived safely in Rwanda.
We arrived in the early hours of the morning (An hour later than we expected, although the flight was not delayed – it seems there was an error on the itinerary from Turkish Airlines) and were greeted by Claude from the Civitas Hotel. How lovely to see a familiar smiling face to greet us at such an unearthly hour!
Arriving so late/early meant there were very few people around and we cleared passport control very quickly.
Two of our three checked bags arrived with us… the other one has apparently gone onto Entebbe. Hopefully it will find its way back to us before too long…
In the hotel room there was a cheerful note of welcome from Jean and Leon, and bottles of water waiting next to our turned down bed. We had arrived.
After a long sleep, we staggered out into the courtyard and had African tea and omelets in the sun, while reuniting with a number of familiar staff from the hotel. Jean is meeting with us this evening, and tomorrow we meet with Leon and KIE faculty. By the end of tomorrow we should have a very clear idea of what is ahead!
Helen & Chris


About hkwmaat

Faculty member for the MA in Applied Theatre at the City University of New York School of Professional Studies. Also the Director of the CAT Youth Theatre at the Creative Arts Team.
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2 Responses to Arrival!

  1. J'nelle says:

    Glad you’ve arrived safely! Please say hello to everyone for me!

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