The second school visit

This is Andre, writing under Helen’s blog as there are more issues with logging on!

Wow!!! Day 2 was another packed day of wonderful activities driving south through the hills of Rwanda to the Nyanza District, Southern Province.  The landscape here is like no other. It is amazingly beautiful. No words or pictures could describe the images in my mind from the taxi ride on our way to the Ancient History Museum.  

Our guide was wonderful about telling us the facts of Rwandan Kings and the traditions that surround them, like the goings-on of the milk house (for more info just ask Mel) and the beer house.  Afterwards, we all had a lovely picnic on the grounds of the palace sharing food and thoughts of our experience.

Our final destination for today was the College du Christ-Roi (Christ the King College), where there was an amazing exchange of performances.  The students of Christ–Roi welcomed us with a traditional dance, a poem, and an amazing performance by Violet, who composed, wrote and performed one of her original songs.

We got to facilitate and converse with the students about the good things and the challenges of living in Rwanda and creating images from their responses.  My group created an image of school activities – basketball, students learning in school, and fighting.  I am so grateful for the experience of using theatre as a way to connect and share with the young people at College du Christ-Roi.

Everyday I am learning a little bit of the language: Kinyarwandan.  I would like to leave with, “Aguye Imana Amichi” (I know I spelled that wrong and am hoping that I said it right.) which means “God  Bless you.”


P.S. From Helen – GOOD NEWS!!!!! The lost cases arrived tonight! There was much celebrating as Michael and Mel were reunited with their well travelled bags! A big thank you to Jean and Leon for helping to sort this out and getting the bags delivered safely and quickly to the hotel.




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Faculty member for the MA in Applied Theatre at the City University of New York School of Professional Studies. Also the Director of the CAT Youth Theatre at the Creative Arts Team.
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One Response to The second school visit

  1. Andre,

    Thank you for your description of your day at Christ -Roi. I was so moved by the performances they shared with us last summer. Please keep the postings coming!


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