All Together

This is Michael – no luck with logging in as myself so using Helen’s log in!

Well, we’re all here in one piece. We spent today getting used to the time difference, trying the food and welcoming the rest of our team. I woke up (after sleeping for thirteen hours) to a fantastic breakfast of fruits, eggs, coffee, African tea and conversation with some of the KIE staff.

Our hosts, Jean and Leon welcomed us warmly and generously as we arrived yesterday, and Dean Nsanzabiga graciously waited with us to receive the rest of our party today. So far we are feeling very at home.

As for our luggage- Melanie and I hear that our suitcases are somewhere in Angola (whose capital, we learned, is Luanda- perhaps easily confused with Rwanda.) They’ve now seen more of the world than we have. Can’t wait to hear about their adventures once they find us.

Those of us who were not totally exhausted from traveling went out for dinner at a restaurant close to our hotel. It was great to share what we had learned so far about the country, the people we are staying with, the students’ experiences this past week, and our hopes for the weeks ahead (not to mention celebrating Helen’s birthday!)

Now that we’ve all arrived and are catching up on sleep, we are eager to start the real work tomorrow!


About hkwmaat

Faculty member for the MA in Applied Theatre at the City University of New York School of Professional Studies. Also the Director of the CAT Youth Theatre at the Creative Arts Team.
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4 Responses to All Together

  1. White says:

    To Helen,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Hope you had a different birthday in Rwanda! We are thinking of you. LOVE FROM HUGO,CYRILLE,MUM AND DAD (they are with us 🙂 ) XXX lots of love ❤

  2. Darrell says:

    Yay I’m glad you guy made it there safe and it sounds like a lot of fun. i hope you get the rest you need and your suitcases have a safe trip and ill be reading about it.
    Darrell M xoxoxox

  3. Judy says:

    Hey Michael, we have been following the postings. What an experience. Made me learn more about Rwanda. Aunt Judy

  4. Darrell says:

    Hey michael , I emailed you when you call, call in the early morning like 7am US time if you can.I want to here all about everything, I hope your having a great time and hope you get this post.

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