And then there were three.

At 2:30 this afternoon, a bus came to take six members of our group to Kigali Airport. They said their goodbyes and left on a jet plane. That leaves Anneka, Jason and Sweeney along with Helen and Chris.

Afterwards, Jason, Anneka and I went to the local artisan market to check out what they offer. The market was well organized and filled with crafts from all over Africa. We bought more than we intended because so many of the items were just irresistible. We returned to the hotel with our fingers crossed hoping that everything would fit into our suitcases.

Later in the evening, we were invited by the leaders of KIE (Kigali Institute of Education) for a final dinner to celebrate the coming together of our two institutions. It was exciting and informative to sit down with the faculty of KIE. We asked them questions about education, their country and their culture. We shared and learned a great deal this evening.

We were  also really happy to share the table with two KIE students. The faculty also invited Desire, the student representative, and Thiery, another first-year student. After dinner, we all hugged and shook hands. Desire said, “God willing, we will all meet again.”

We would like to especially thank Dr. Eugene Nsanzabiga for setting up the evening’s events.  He has been a kind and gracious host throughout our trip. But tonight we had a particularly wonderful time, thank you.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog. The five of us will be heading to Lake Kivu to see another part of this magnificent country!

Peace Love and Sambosas


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