Day 13–Lake Muhazi

Jean and Leon picked us up this morning for a day trip to the eastern province.  Another ride through the country with stunning views of the dramatic landscape–red blossoms on a solitary tree somewhere between the rice fields and the terraced hill-side, graceful herons, locals on daily journeys for water, or to market.  Some pushing bicycles with enormous bunches of green bananas.

We took a loop half way around Lake Muhazi before settling in for lunch at a very cool waterfront restaurant.  Our hosts pointed out President Kagame’s vacation residence a long way off in the distance.   The lake winds in around and through the hills, making it easier to see across at some points but nearly impossible to see or even predict where it ends, unless viewing it from higher vantage point.  It appeared deep, serene, a little mysterious even.

We relished in the quiet and calm of the water and of the day.  Kigali is so bustling, that when we arrived at the lake today it is hard to tell if we were struck first by the views or the silence.

I spent a good amount of time chasing a phenomenal bird–not quite a peacock, not quite an ostrich, but reminiscent of them both–while my classmates sunned themselves on the shore.

There was an exhilarating chicken chase that grew suddenly, though briefly, solemn when we realized they were catching our lunch.  Also: greeting and taking photos with a goat.  City slickers!  We feasted on very fresh roasted chicken, whole tilapia, fries and beer.  Heaven.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Many thanks to Jean and Leon for continuing to outdo themselves and the hospitality of the Rwandan people.

And now to packing…


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2 Responses to Day 13–Lake Muhazi

  1. Maggie says:

    Ha ha! Love the chicken story! Hope you all get home safe and sound!

  2. judy Bleier says:

    Chicken chase sounded like fun — for awhile. Hmmm, now we’re wondering how we can offer you the fresh foods you have become accustomed to!! Love the pictures of your surroundings that all of you painted for us and the way you have explained your working hrs–awesome moments! Looking forward to having you back in the states and hearing/seeing even more. Safe travels to, Mom

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