Day 9- NIA Workshop and Fespad II

Today was another glorious and educational day in Rwanda. Our amazing hosts book a workshop for us at ISHYO in Kigali.

The session on NIA was on a sort of fitness philosophy that incorporates a number of different styles; from Jazz to Tia-Chi, to Alexander technique. The believe is that fitness does not have to harm the body as it sometimes does. It is an attempt to heal the body through movement. These classes can include people at all different levels of mobility and fitness because all movement can be adjusted to your needs. We were all really happy to have the opportunity to experience something new and get our bodies moving for a few hours.

After the session we all returned to Fespad for day two. It was a Reggae night that included a performance by American artist Lauryn Hill. Very Exciting!!!

We hope you are all well and staying cool  in NYC



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One Response to Day 9- NIA Workshop and Fespad II

  1. Wil ( = says:

    Omg! I looove Lauryn Hil! I was already uber-jealous of these incredible experiences, then you all have to go and see Lauryn..!! ( ;

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