Day 10- KIE Take Two

An early Monday morning found us at KIE again, completing Workshop 2 in both Theatre-in-Education and Drama-in-Education Conventions sessions.  After our debriefing conversations this weekend, the TIE group implemented changes, including adapting to a new space (KIE’s wonderful outdoor amphitheater).  TIE usually involves a theatre company exploring a particular social issue with an educational bent, often in a non-traditional space; the focus of the DIE  workshops is showing conventions that can be used by solo teachers specifically in a classroom setting to meet an educational objective.  The TIE piece, “Through the Wall,” explores social citizenship and was created for 10-year-olds in Forest Hills, Queens.  “Troubled Woman,” the piece that the IDC session is built around, is based on the Langston Hughes poem.

During a break between our morning workshops and afternoon planning sessions (for our upcoming workshops on Playbuilding and Theatre of the Oppressed), some of us took a second trip to the market; others had a delicious meal at a Chinese restaurant and discovered the joys of a Rwandan sizzling platter.

We are excited to get started on our new workshops and look forward to the new experiences we’ll have tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Day 10- KIE Take Two

  1. Kathleen Devine says:

    Thank you for your daily postings. I look forward to hearing of your adventures and the incredible culture of Rwanda. I escaped the heat upstate among green trees and grazing cows. I learned of a controversy involving drilling for gas that is creating grave conflict between those who have signed leases with the drilling company and those that oppose the drilling – a need for Applied Theatre here! Will share more about the issue when I see you. Sending best wishes daily and know that you are missed!

  2. Warren Cooper says:

    Thank you for the continuous flow of information about your activities. It is obvious that you are incredibly busy and focused and engaged. I understand that in some ways you are simply doing what you have been learning to do. Still, I’m impresessed that you are able to integrate that training into the idiom of such an unfamilar culture. Fascinating. Kudos.
    – Warren

  3. Sarah Simmons says:

    Thank you all for all the updates. I am following with interest and excitement for your adventures and learning opportunities. Be well and see you soon!

  4. Tim Connell says:

    Hey all … WOW!!! …. What a treat to read about your journeys in Rwanda!!! … From the read, sounds like each day is just as good as the previous … Love to you all …

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