Day 6: KIE and the African market

Today, an early start.  One of our generous hosts, Leon Mugabe, greeted us at the KIE gate.  Leon’s smile can warm even the most decaffeinated and groggy soul.

While the majority of the workshops we facilitate will be with Stephen’s drama students, today we got to work with Leon’s education students–all 150+ of them!  Chris and Helen took the reigns on this one with us in the supporting roles as forum theatre actors and blank slates for sculpting image theatre work.  We learned so much about the students’ opinions on education–asking them what good education looks like–with the students offering suggestions that we would reflect in tableaux images.

Leon is our people.  He is actively on board with learner-centered education and as a result, I get the feeling that his students have the potential to make a huge contribution to the evolving education system in Rwanda.  We spent some time meeting and greeting the students afterwards, which is always my favorite part.

After our workshop it was off to the African market.  We have nothing that compares to this in the states.  You name it, you could buy it there.  I cannot reveal what we bought as many of you readers may be recipients.  A huge thanks goes out to Alfonsine, Steven’s wife, who helped us with our bargaining.  She let us do the talking but stood behind the vendors shaking her head “nooooo” when the price was too high.

We came back to the hotel to reflect on the sessions we taught yesterday, and snuck in a little workout before dinner.  Much needed.

Feelin’ good.  Energized, inspired, welcomed.


p.s. hi mom(s) and dad(s). xo, all of us

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4 Responses to Day 6: KIE and the African market

  1. Brian says:

    What a wonderful day. 150 students and a trip to an African Market. Perfect.

  2. Sheila White says:

    Hi Guys

    Following your progress each day, sounds like very full and rewarding days. Keep it up!

  3. Barb says:

    It sounds like this trip will be an experience all of you will not soon forget. I am so glad to see that all of you are safe and having a great time. Well it will be 101 I’m VA today so enjoy your cool 80 degrees. Stay safe.

    Lexy I love you and miss you lots. J hugs and kisses to you too. Lexy’s Mom

  4. Judy Bleier says:

    Reading all of this blogging in one day…and finding it hard to believe you all have squeezed so much activity and emotion into such a short time span. I’m smiling, laughing and getting all teary eyed at the same time! (Jen, you know what that looks like!) So happy that the experience is going to be one of those special times that you will carry with you thru life…and it sounds like those you are visiting will be doing the same! Love you, can’t wait till you are all back in the states safe and sound…full of good energy and ready for yet another project! Jen’s Mom

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